How watching porn with your wife can better your sex life?

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How watching porn with your wife can better your sex life?

Men and women all over the world enjoy watching porn. That includes all type of porn photos, videos and more. Men see free porn pics and other porn on one side, while women do it on theirs. So what happens when couples view free sex pics or porn videos together? What if you are married and want to watch it with your wife? Does watching porn with your partner leads to a better sex life?

The reality is that many men hide their porn from their girlfriends and wives. They have a secret stash of porn somewhere in their homes. If not, they may go visit websites to find porn pictures and sex gifs when their wives are not around. While this may be the case, men should rethink this entire scenario. The reason for this is based on some recent research. According to the study, couples who admit to watching porn photos or videos together, are happier.

The couples seemed to have not only better relationships, but also an increase in sex. That is not to say that the same can be expected for all couples. Every relationship is as different as the individuals themselves. No one can say for sure how a person may react to watching porn. He or she may become addicted to a point where they end up watching it on their own. Or it may lead to other types of fantasies that does not include their partners. Still, the study showed that couples who were honest about their porn watching habits, achieved better results.

At some point in a relationship, the issue of porn may come up. The reality is that a lot of men view porn pics and sex pictures. The same for some women as well. So when couples decide to watch it together, it may help strengthen their relationship. Being able to share things is an important part of being with someone. Couples do things together all the time. That applies to hobbies and many things throughout the relationship. Watching porn pics or videos with your partner can be part of that. The shared experience may end up helping you become more open with one another.

Some couples who admitted to watching porn together mentioned how it helped them with their foreplay. They stated that it assisted in speeding up the process for them. Their arousal levels increased significantly when they watched porn clips and porn pictures. Viewing free porn pics or sex pictures together with you wife or husband, can help you with fantasies. It is a great way for you to learn about your partner’s most intimate sexual fantasies. Viewing free sex pics or porn videos with your wife, may let you know things you never knew about her. Perhaps she enjoys the same type of inner desires you do. The sex pics or porn video may help shed light on these sexual fantasies.

An issue you may have to consider is the type of porn you watch together. There are some very wild and crazy types of free porn pics available online these days. Many of these porn pictures could be too wild or graphic for your partner. After all, not all pornography is acceptable to view as a couple.

When women were asked about how they felt about their husbands or partners lying to them when it came to porn, the answers were alarming. Some felt as if they were being deceived by their partners whenever they kept their porn viewing a secret. Apart from personal distress, it also leads to decrease sexual satisfaction. Being open with your partner can help remove that stress from them. Some women may not have a problem watching porn pictures with you. However, that doesn’t mean all of them will feel the same. There are cases when your partner may feel as if you need to see sex pictures or pornographic videos in order to be aroused. Perhaps they could feel bad since the pornstars or people in the porn pics are so perfect. One way to get around this is by watching amateur sex pics or porn. The amateur sex pics are typically of couples just like you. That is why free porn pics of amateurs are so popular. You can find all types of sex pictures of people who are not professional porn stars.

In the end, you have to evaluate your relationship accordingly. Give your wife a hint to see how receptive she may be. It could be that she may not like the idea of watching porn photos with you. At the same time, she could be so turned on that you may be pleasantly surprised. If that is the case, you and her can enjoy viewing sex pics together and live happily ever after.