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Nothing can be more distressing than dating a partner with a low sex drive. It is a dilemma many people experience throughout their lives. It happens to both men and women. You can have a partner who treats you well, makes you laugh and shares your values. But, when it comes to having sex, there’s a problem. In truth, sex is an important part of any relationship. Even with all of that, one out of every three couples has problems with sex.

For a person in a relationship where one is sexually starved, there are a few things you can do. These tips can work irrespective of what side of the relationship you are in. You could be the one who wants sex more often than he or she does. Or perhaps you are the person with the low sex drive.

Before anything, the first thing you should do is have yourself checked out by a doctor. Getting a medical checkup will serve a few purposes. For one, this will help root out any physiological issues for your lack of sexual desire. There are therapies or hormone treatments which can boosts your testosterone levels. During all of this, it is important to remember about your partner’s feelings. While you may have legitimate reasons for not wanting to have sex, it doesn’t change how he or she will feel. Most times, they will feel rejected and hurt by it. Understand that they need their moral boosted.

You want to make sure that you understand how important having a gratifying and satisfying sexual relationship with your partner is. Your entire marriage or partnership depends on it. Ignoring it won’t help and it will only make it worse. If you are not enjoying sex or intimate moments with your mate, then you need to find out why. Perhaps therapy can help find the root of the problem. There are several sex games you can purchase or play to spice up your sex life. Trying different things may help put a spark back into your bedroom. Try concentrating on other things which are small as well.

There are many times when a person may want to do something sexually but is afraid to try it or tell their partner. Talking about your fantasies or wants can help open the door for more sex and communication. In some cases, just doing it may be the hardest part of getting started. It is sort of the way you treat working out or going out for a jog. Most people hesitate or don’t want to do it at first. They make all types of excuses until finally, they get it done. Once you do it though, most feel great afterwards. That may be the case with sex. Perhaps you may not be in the mood right away. But, once you get into it and do it, you will feel great afterwards. So will your partner.

You may want to pay attention to why you are making excuses. Why did you feel more incline to have sex with your partner in one instance and not in others? What drove those exceptions? Were you feeling sexier that day? Was he or she doing something which made you want to have sex or not do it? Was it because you were in a different place or using different positions?

Whatever the positives were, use those to make sure you repeat them. At the same time, stay clear of those things which drove you away from wanting to have sex. Concentrate on the good moments to make sure they are repeated.

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