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What Women Find Most Sexually Appealing About Men

When it comes to sex appeal or what women want in a man, most would think that looks is number one. However, according to research, that is not always the case. Several dating apps typically place a lot of emphasis on looks alone. Yet many people have called them out on that. Looks plays a big part in one night stands or flings. It is not the driving factor for long-term appeal though.

According to research, if any man wants a woman to find him sexually appealing, he must know how to talk. The gift of gab is what many of them find really attractive in a man. The study was published in a journal about personal relationships. Using three different studies, they examined the differences in gender. They wanted to know the impact of how a person’s ability to tell stories affected a person’s attractiveness. This was done using short-term and long-term romantic partners.


More than 388 undergrads were used during the research. About half of those in the case study were women. Using a biography a person wrote, people were asked to rate that person’s level of attractiveness. It turns out that women found a man’s ability to tell his story more important than men did. This was when used to rate long-term relationships. However, the ability for a woman to tell a story did not impact how men viewed them.

It appears that the study shows how much of a gender gap there is when it comes to what is attractive and what is not. In addition to the research dealing with the written part of the study, other methods were used. The team of researchers had those who participated, read the stories. But, they read those of individuals of the opposite sex. The study found that irrespective of how well the quality of the writing was, there were other factors. What ultimately mattered most to determine a person’s attractiveness to them was the way a woman or man was able to deliver their story orally.


For men, it means that if you can talk well to a woman, you are more likely to be seen as attractive and powerful. But, when it came time for men, the data showed that they simply didn’t care about that. For them, whether or not a woman was able to tell her story well was not a factor. It appears as if men don’t judge a woman’s attractiveness based on her intelligence. There’s still the possibility that men can value other types of communication skills in a woman though.

In the end, it appears as if the ability to talk your way into a woman’s heart can play a huge role in sex appeal. Selling yourself to a woman is ultimately what it is all about. Perhaps those who have the gift of gab tend to have more confidence. Because of that, it may give off a sex appeal signal that women see through their ears.

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