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Have you ever been told by someone you are addicted to sex? There are several signs to look for to show that you are a sex addict. Whenever sex becomes a distraction and problem for you, chances are you may be hooked on it. Although sex is a wonderful thing, being addicted to it can cause problems. In some cases, it can lead to you cheating on your spouse since you are not satisfied easily. Or perhaps you can’t stop looking at porn all day since it is the only way to stop your cravings.

While being addicted to sex and hooked on porn are not the same, they have similarities. In all, there are several ways you can be addicted to sex. One of them is being dependent on pornography. Other times you may want to constantly masturbate. A few other types of sexual addictions are prostitution and fantasying about sexual acts.

At the same time, some sex addicts can be hooked on masochistic or sadistic behavior, among others. One of the best ways to know if you are addicted to sex is by watching for the symptoms. A mistake most people make is thinking that their dependency only hurts them. However, that is not the case since many couples end up breaking up due to the other person’s sexual addictions.

Whenever a spouse watches his or her partner go through this issue, they often feel humiliated, depressed, alienated, unloved and angry. To make matters worse, a sex addict will typically stay in a destructive relationship even when they are not healthy. Others simply go from one to the next in order to satisfy their lustful behavior. In the end, being addicted to sex can lead to several negative impacts on your life. You may experience a decrease in how much work you do. Other times, you may not be able to fully concentrate. Some people also have a diminished engagement with their families, social life and personal relationships. Worse case scenarios is when your addiction to sex results in catching a sexually transmitted disease (STD).

There are also negative physiological effects that stem from being addicted to sex. A person may experience depression, anxiety, or compulsive behavior. Even substance or alcohol abuse may become an outlet. A few of the signs you may be a sex addict is when you exploit other people simply for sex. Most of the time, you couldn’t care less about their feelings as long as you achieve sexual satisfaction. In other instances, a person will have sex with complete strangers or prostitutes.

If you notice that you are preoccupied with sex all the time, then you may have a problem. For some, masturbating at work is something that they do often. Another sign is continually having relationships which fail. Especially when you are the person who does things to cause them to do so. Cheating on your partner becomes habitual and normal. Even when you know the end result will be braking up with them. If you have feelings of guilt and hate yourself all the time, those are signs you are addicted to sex as well. In the end, if you feel that you are addicted to sex, you may need to get help as a way to break the cycle.

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